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I create your website as a complete new installation or your previous website as a redesign with open source templates under a free dual license system. You do not have to keep the corresponding theme links and logos in the front end. It is only necessary to ensure that all copyright notices are retained in the code. In addition, I also offer the installation of low budget themes (one-time payment) and newsletter modules (up to a certain traffic as freeware). The templates are constantly maintained through updates. Free of charge and without own programming. Ideal for medium-sized, smaller companies, for whom their own website programming does not represent a price-performance ratio. Your website is always up to date with the latest usability, flexibly created and maintained in modules. And inexpensive.

Your website will be set up on your server by an experienced programmer (if necessary) and will be regularly serviced for performance and the latest PHP version. This is for your security. When it comes to server matters, I rely on the relevant network professionals. My part is the design and creation, if necessary photos, image editing and layout, or on demand text creation as well as of course content management. I´ve to be submitted at any time for problems or feature requests. Upon request, a skype chat room can be set up in which you can talk to contributors about tasks or problems. This is a proven place to get quick solutions and to discuss intended functions.

Pictures of the devices: ©apple inc. / ©Nick_H (pixabay) .

Looking forward to your contact: → email to Claus. Thank you!

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